An update on climate change

Hello dear readers,
Today I write in English so that this article can be understood by more people. I’d like to share some facts on the ever evolving climate change.
In April 2022 over 300 people lost their lives due to another severe flooding caused by climate change. This time it happened in South Africa. Houses and streets were destroyed. It is the biggest natural disaster in the history of this country.
In August 2022 the same thing happened in pakistan. Over 900 people lost their lives due to climate change.
During the summer 2022 it was extremely hot in Europe. In Basel, Switzerland, it was 36° C. The waters were extremly warm, too. The water’s temperatures climbed up to over 25°C, which is critically warm for greylings and trouts. Thousands of greylings died because of too hot water temperatures as well as countless trouts. These beautiful fishes lost their lives due to dried out creeks. In 2021 it rained way too much so that lakes overran, but in 2022 it rained way too little. And when there’s no water there’s no living space for fishes, of course.
Experts say that if we continue like before, in 2026 we will reach a tipping point. From this moment forth, we cannot undo what has been done.
In November 2022, the 27. climate conference took place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. General secretary António Guterres said: ,,We are on the way to climate hell with our foot still on the accelarator! We are getting dangerously close to the point of no return! Humanity has a choice, cooperate or perish. It is either a climate solidarity pact – or a collective suicide pact! The deadly impacts of climate change are here and now!”
When I heard about this conference in the news, I hoped that they would find a solution for the climate change. But no further steps were taken towards solving the climate crisis. Instead they agreed that the rich countries will help poor countries with an aid fund when natural disasters occur. But this doesn’t solve the crisis, so I found the result disappointing.
For over a year now, since my 25th birthday I haven’t eaten meat, except when it comes to fish. Big farm animals produce a lot of methane, which is even more damaging for the climate than CO2. Furthermore, I stopped flying completely since 2022 for the sake of the environment. I might fly again when they have invented climate friendly airplanes. I think that every human can do something for a healthier planet.
Have a nice day!