The climate crisis

Today I want to write about the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced: climate change. It concerns us all, especially our children and grandchildren.
When I heard about the severe flooding in Germany I was deeply shocked. I couldn’t believe what I saw on television. Experts say that due to climate change extreme weather events are occurring more frequently.
Almost 200 people lost their lives due to an anthropogenic problem: climate change. Natural disasters occur worldwide now. It’s sad to see humans losing their lives because many people travel with vehicles which emit large amounts of carbon dioxide.
I think that it’s about time that we wake up and take action. We need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. People are dying around the world because of climate change. And also fish. For example, the greyling is critically endangered in Switzerland due to heat waves during the summers. They die because they can’t handle extremely high temperatures. 🙁
Each and every one of us can contribute to solving the climate crisis. For my part, I fly extremely rarely, only once every 3-4 years and only short distances in Europe. I don’t drive a car and use the train to travel. I hope that more and more people go green now that the consequences of climate change are obvious.

Author: Danilo

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