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As the title says, in this article I want to convince you that you can learn any language, even if it’s an extremely different language to your own native tongue. Do you believe me? If not, let me break it down for you.

I was born in Rome, Italy. After four months there, my parents decided to move back to Switzerland. Had I stayed there, I would have obviously learned Italian. Until now I cannot hold a conversation in Italian because I’ve never learned it. The same goes for any child born somewhere in the world. Let’s suppose you were born in Sevilla, Spain. After eight months in Spain, your parents got a job opportunity in Japan. They both grew up in Japan, speak fluent Japanese and now they move back there. At home in Japan, they’d only speak Japanese with you, so you’d lose your Spanish completely. Your brain would have adapted itself to the envirement, to the language that’s being spoken where you live, to the language that flows in and out of your head.

Do you get it? You can learn any language, you just need to expose yourself to it. It doesn’t matter how different the language might be to your native one. You can learn Vietnamese, Xhosa, Thai, Mongolian, Finnish, Somali, Zulu, really any language. There are no limits. You can learn whatever you want if you have the proper mindset. Attitude is altitude. Don’t let anybody set your limits. Someone’s opinion on you does not have to become your own reality. The only limits are those that you set yourself. Dream big, think big, but start small, that’s right, start small. Step by step, inch by inch, minute after minute.

I wrote an article a few months ago called ,,How attitude affects language learning”. Head over to the front page to find the post listed among others on the right.

Please tell me in the comments what language you’re going to learn now that you’ve read this article. A language that you thought was too difficult for you? A language that everybody says is impossible to learn and don’t even give it a shot? I want to know!

Happy language learning everybody! Greetings from Switzerland.

Author: Danilo

My name is Danilo, I’m 21 and a language enthusiast. I speak 7 languages. What you’ll be seeing here are articles on language learning. Does this sound interesting? Well, then stick around and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy! 🙂

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