Hello everyone!
Now, you might feel disappointed as you continue to learn a language. You might feel like ”gosh, this is boring. Why am I doing this. Man, now I’ve got to study again, this is tiring.” When you reach such a point, you have to remind yourself why you’re doing this.

1. Motivation: Think of the people you’ll meet when you have reached a level that is equal to a level high enough to talk to natives. Maybe you’ll find a girlfriend in this country where the language is spoken, amazing friends or even a wife! Think of the moments that you will have, but if you quit, you’ll end up not knowing amazing people and even more disappointed.

2. Patience: Being patient can be hard, but the truth is that you can’t learn a language in a matter of a day. It takes time. Be patient and enjoy the process. Instead of working on your language skills twice a month, do it regularly. With that approach, you can learn much faster.

3. Consistency: Do a bit every day. You need to feed your brain. You can learn one word a day, review all flashcards at the end of the week and eventually get fluent in a short period of time.

4. Discipline: The word says it all. Be courageous.

5. Time: One thing, and I can hear this very often, is that people claim to not have time to learn a language. The truth is, it’s not about not having the time but to make the time. There are definitively several time slots in your life that you can use to learn a language.

I wish you all good luck with your studies and keep studying guys, it’s worth it! 😀


Hello dear friends! 🙂
Having watched my videos, you might be wondering why I learn languages. Isn’t it torturous to study languages? Why the heck does he do that? It’s not fun!
Well, to be honest, for me it is fun. I like to learn languages to escape reality, so to say. Some take drugs, smoke weed, go to parties, but instead of getting drunk or whatever, I listen to a language that makes me feel much better. For me, certain languages have a certain aura that no human has. Instead of getting high on cocaine, I get high on Portuguese for example, or Swedish. Whenever I choose to pick up a new language, I make sure that when I listen to it, it gets me hooked and high. I’ve been high on many languages. Also on languages that I can’t understand. I’m having a blast for example when I listen to Arabic. I don’t know Arabic, but still, I love the sound. It’s so interesting to me. And I also love the fact that basically no one here can understand it.

To make the long story short: No, it is not torturous. The beauty of discovering a language comforts me and I love it. As for you, when learning a language, think of the ability to speak to natives and interacting with them. You can’t climb the mountain thinking ”damn, it’s too long. I’m going to give up”. Think of the different stages that you will encounter, the steps as you walk towards your goal. Dreams and goals can only be reached with discipline and consistency.

I wish you a wonderful day! Keep studying guys, it’s wort it! 🙂